Furniture Skates Blue Elastic Rubber Castors 485x485mm 600kg

Heavy Duty Furniture Skates made in the UK Made for home or office removals, self-storage, shows and exhibitions, music and theatre venues. Handy for everything !!!
Manufacturer: First Castors



Our trolley furniture skates come with a ribbed rubber non slip top surface to easily place products on top to move around withou anything falling off. The trolley furniture skate will not scratch your furniture or snag the underside of crates or boxes.

Indoors or outdoors you will be able to easily glide your trolley skate with large, swivel, elastic wheels which are shock absorbing, hard wearing, resilient on all surfaces and very easy to keep clean. 

We build our trolley furniture skates ourselves with rounded corners so that it will not damage your skirting boards, door frames and even keep your ankles safe and sound from getting banged into. 

25MM thick heavy duty hardwood plywood.

Hand hold with smooth rounded edges for easy and comfortable carrying and storage when not in use.

All castors are secured with nylon nuts to ensure they cannot vibrate loose.

Size: 485 x 485MM

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