Castor Accessories

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Axle Kits | Nut Bolt and Tube

Axle Kits to suit our range of wheels, Perfect if you just need to replace your castor wheel CDAXLE1 will suit 80mm and 100mm wheels or any wheel with a 12mm bore. CDAXLE2 will suit 125mm wheels or any wheel with a 15mm bore CDAXLE3 will suit 150mm, 160mm and 200mm wheels or any wheel with a 20mm bore. CDAXLE4 will suit our entire range of pneumatic wheels with a 20mm bore. 1 Axle kit contains: 1 Axle Tube 1 Bolt 1 Nyloc Nut
From £2.19 excl tax

Axle Sets

A Range of Spare Trolley Axles from Coldene Castors All Coldene Axles Bars are supplied in 304 Grade Stainless Steel to ensure a long life span. Axle Kit includes 6 Washers, 1 Axle Bar & 2 Split Pins Bar is supplied with pre drilled holes for split pin fitting. Please note these axles are made to order and carry a lead time of roughly 1 week
From £37.31 excl tax

Buffer Wheels

Buffers: Coldene Castors´┐Ż Buffer range is ideally suited if your application requires protection against obstacles (walls) The Buffer will fit over the legs on each corner and will be the first part of the application to make contact with anything else. Buffers are Commonly found on Hospital beds.
From £6.66 excl tax

Expanders, Inserts & Buffers - Round

Expanders are used to secure castors to your products, If you have an application which requires castors and has tube or box section legs, Expanders are a great method of attaching castors to the bottom. Insert an Expander into the leg of the application then simply tighten an Allen head bolt under the castor so the expander then expands and tightens against the outer wall, holding the castor in place.
From £2.35 excl tax