Round Up 2 Issue 2 Feb 2018

New Brit Workshop - Find out how to make a Mobile Base for a Pillar Drill

 New Brit Workshop - Find out how to make a Mobile Base for a Pillar Drill.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Low Level Castors

Working closley with our international client, Coldene Castors the manufacturing arm of firstcastors have produced the first protoypes of  fully stainless steel castors able to carry 500kg and retain a total overall height of 100mm.  Our client's first machines appeared center stage at the PPMA 2016 show held at the NEC Birmingham England September 27-29th 2016 and was received extremely well.

Helicopter trolley designed using Firsctcastors


Wheels and Castors are used for a huge variety of applications.

Just take a look around you now and I’m sure you will see just a few of the uses of castors, which we all take for granted each and every day.

One of our customers recently sent in this photo of pneumatic castors supplied by Coldene Castors in use on the tow out dolly for their three-rotary-bladed helicopters.

In this instance, Coldene Castors supplied the 200mm steel centred, swivel pneumatic tyred castors.

The castors were the perfect solution for this particular light weight towing application and are just part of the wide range of wheels and castors available from Coldene Castors.

For more information, visit our website or simply call 01296 431135.

How to fit Coldene Castors
See how easy it is to fit Coldene Castors to the bandsaw project or something similar.
Another Satisfied Customer Project using Coldene Castors
An excellent demonstration of a customer project utilising quality castors from Coldene. Weighing over 60kgs the bandsaw stand required a mobile, but stable base and the industrial quality castors from Coldene, suited the needs of the project perfectly. For more about the castors used please see our range of Ultimate Flight Case Castors.
New Brit Workshop Peter Parfitt How castors can transform the small workshop
Space is always critical in the small and medium sized workshops. Putting castors on benches and adding castor carriages to machines can transform the cramped or overcrowded space into a flexible and adaptable space. In this video I show how my latest set of castors from Coldene allow my new bench to be moved easily around the workshop.
New Brit Workshop Peter Parfitt Machinery Platform


How to make a moveable machinery platform - castor carriage utilising Coldene Castors products Black Plastic Twin Wheel Range

New Brit Workshop Peter Parfitt Mobile Bench

Mobile Bench Project - Design and Main Construction by Peter Parfit utilising Coldene Castors products Blue elastic rubber castors


Castor slide show