Black Rubber Pneumatic Swivel Braked Castor Range

Our complete pneumatic castor range gives clients a wide variety of products to choose from. High quality, steel centre wheels with wheel diameters of 200mm, 260mm, 300mm sizes are available for supply in our high quality fabricated zinc plated fixed, swivel and swivel braked castor housing options. The range offers excellent shock absorption on soft but rough, uneven surfaces and suitable for woodland, garden or sport field environments. The pneumatic castor range is perfect for applications where high ground clearance is essential, such as cricket ground covers and score boards, as the wide tread width will not damage the terrain. As a precautionary note, the pneumatic castor range should not be used in conjunction with any automotive application and have a max speed rating of 4kph.
Manufacturer: First Castors
£64.08 excl tax
£69.92 excl tax
£78.63 excl tax