Technical Wheels & Drive Wheels

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Idler Wheels / Drive Roller Wheels Cast Iron Polyurethane Ball Bearing Bore

Cast Iron Centre Polyurethane tyred Castor Wheels this is the most common wheel used in heavy duty applications the polyurethane offer high load capacity 1400kg to 3500kgs and the cast iron core with Ball Bearing bore offers a robust core to handle the loads mainly found as idler and drive roller wheels in a variety of applications.
From £43.86 excl tax

Cast Iron Polyurethane Drive Wheels

A Range of Cast Iron Wheels with Polyurethane Tyres. All come with plain bore with pre broached keyway to industry standard sizes. All are coated in a premium grade of polyurethane which is more suited to driven applications A = Size of Keyway
From £87.10 excl tax

Wet Enviroment Drive Wheels

Coldene can produce drive wheels to suit any application Please call our sales team 01296 431135 or live help online Example shown is a Wet application reduced slip rebond from our factory