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CDCX Powered Pallet Trucks

The CDCX12 combines the compactness and versatility of a manual pallet truck with the convenience of an electric pallet truck and also has an attractive design. It is ideally suited for light duty handling tasks in small spaces moreover, thanks to the improved ergonomic design, it reduces operator strain, increasing productivity and rendering the work place more comfortable and safer. It is ideal for handling loads in small stores, supermarkets, inside trucks and in very narrow aisles. It has a nominal load capacity of 1200Kg
From £3,600.00 excl tax

CDPX Pallet Trucks with Intelligent Weighing System

The CDPX pallet truck is a simple, economical and robust tool to be used for the weighing of transported loads. It has a large sized LCD display which allows for easy reading of weight and the setting of tare simply and immediately. Optional Extras: Thermal Printer: The CDPX may be fitted with a thermal label printer. SD Memory Card: The CDPX may also be fitted with an SD Memory Card reader for digital storage of weights and information. INOX: The CDPX is also available in the INOX version (Stainless Steel)
From £1,999.99 excl tax

CDMX Series Manual Pallet Stackers

The CDMX Series of Manual Pallet Stackers is not only an excellent compromise between price and performance but it is also a very resistant machine. Reinforced forks, a pulley made of steel and forks driven by 4 rollers to the position set are some of the main features of the high quality of this stacker. The machine is also equipped with a foot pedal for the lifting of the forks which considerably reduces the operators effort.
From £939.99 excl tax

CDTX Series Electrohydraulic Pallet Stackers

The CDTX stackers are characterized by manual traction and electrohydraulic lifting technology. These stackers are very steady and are suitable for lifting very heavy loads safely.
From £3,700.00 excl tax

CDQX22 Powered Ride On Pallet Truck

The CDQX Models equipeed with a footplate are highly versatile electrical pallet trucks which, thanks to their folding footplate, can be used in confined spaces or over medium distances with an excellent shift speed (8-10km/h). The strong frame, the seperately excited traction motor technology and the braking system with kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) are just a few samples of the high technology in this machine. Motors: Lifting (2.2kW) and traction (2kW) motors both have a voltage of 24 volt. The vertical assemblly not only allows for a more rapid access to all the parts but also minimizes room cluttering up and wiring stress. Seperately excited traction motor technology guarantees speed which is independent from the load carried, while electronic control (MOSFET) allows for a better traction adjustment and a smoother and more progressive speed control. Furthermore the machine is also equipped with a microswitch that protects the battery, thus avoiding energy waste, once the forks are brought to the maximum height. Technology & Safety: The machine is equipped with 3 sensors that automatically adjust speed control and reduce it up to 6km/h when at least one of the following events occur: 1. Lateral protection guards are not raised and are not brought to the run position 2. The turning radius sensor registers a curve with an angle over 8 degrees 3. The footplate is kept in the closed position Replacement Of Batteries The battery compartment is equipped with a removable side frame and an internal roller that minimizes effort during the battery extraction and connect phases. A trolley is also available on request to replace the battery rapidly.
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